Going online: web host

Once you have the files of your website finished, and probably already before that, you want to put your website online so others can visit as well!

All of this stuff is typically handled by a web hosting company.  They have servers that you can ‘rent’ a little (or big) part from to put your files on.

The bad news is a web host costs money. The good news is, it costs only, like, a beer per month or so.

There are many, many web hosting companies out there, but the most idiot-proof one is generally agreed to be HostgatorThey have literally millions of customers, and they got them the ‘nice’ way, i.e. with people like us actually recommending them.

HostGator is dirt cheap, have unlimited storage even in the most basic plan, are big enough to know they’ll stay around.

But most importantly for you, HostGator is idiot-proof. They have tons of support articles tailored to your tiny, and you can just google ‘hostgator’ + whatever you want to do, to find them. They make automatic backups for when you really do something stupid (and you will), and the best of all: a 24/7 technical support chat.

Comes in handy those times when you are, well, an idiot.

Anyway, enough with the HostGator ass kissing, let’s get your site online for the world to see.

Signing up for web hosting

1. Go to HostGator.

2. Select ‘web hosting’ from the top menu.

3. They ask you to choose a plan. If you plan on only making one web site, you’re good with their lowest plan which is Hatchling, which has unlimited disk space and databases.

If you plan on making multiple sites (i.e. myfirstsite.com, myothersite.com..) you should take the Baby plan, because it allows you to connect different domain names to your online files.

Follow their steps, take out your credit card or PayPal account, do the usual dance until you see some kind of ‘thank you’ screen.

Once all that is behind you, it’s on to the next todo: uploading your website files using FTP.

To HostGator


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