Domain names

Once you have your site built, have a nice design, and have put your files online at a web host, there is one final but oh-so-satisfying step: registering a domain name.

A domain name is something like ‘’, or much cooler ‘’. You will want one of these so that people know where to find you, and it should typically contain the name of your site, product, company or project or whatever.

Domain names are typically created registered with a domain name registrar. You buy them by year and, like all other aspects of building a web site, they are luckily very cheap, typically between 10 and 20 dollar per year for something totally unique.

For cool and short domain names it can be a LOT more expensive though, and they are by now often not available anymore, so think about a totally original name!

True to our habits across this site, we’ll tell you the ‘safest’ option here, because it’s the biggest and easiest and most idiot-proof one. It’s GoDaddy.

30% off New Products from GoDaddy!



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