Using design templates

Apart from building your entire site from scratch, it can be useful to use a pre-made design template or design theme to make your site look professional without putting all the hard work in yourself.


More specifically, design templates contain a bunch of HTML and CSS files that define the layout, but the content is just some placeholder gibberish that you can fill in.

The most often used ‘filler content’ is something called lorem ipsum, which is some gibberish latin sounding text that all designers copy-paste from each other for some reason.

Of course, since you are here learning about HTML and CSS, you can change parts of the template itself too of course! So it is better to think of a template as a nice starting point to not have to start from an intimidating ‘blank slate’.

The largest site to buy a design theme is Theme Forest. They are nice because, well, they have many different designs and you can easily browse and search through them. Check them out, if only for some inspiration before you work on your own flashy design!


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